From Our President

The question we are asked most often by our prospective clients is: “What sets Statewide Pest Control Services apart from other companies? What is it that you do that other companies don’t?”

No matter how many times we are asked this question, our answer is invariably the same: not only do we offer the absolute best products and services to our customers, but unlike most companies, we put our money where our mouth is, by standing behind all of our work, guaranteeing it 99.9%.

Here at Statewide Pest Control Services, we employ some of the finest professionals in the business – professionals who not only have the industry expertise our customers demand, but also years of experience with the unique challenges of Florida’s ever-changing climate. Our clients enjoy the secure feeling they get from being serviced by these same technicians, whom have come to know and trust, over the years.

When You Compare, There Is No Comparison!
Here at Statewide Pest Control Services, we understand that, just like no two properties are the same, no two property owners are the same either. This is why we custom tailor our services for each client, providing you with the services you need to protect your home or business.

“With Statewide Pest Control Services, you are our client, not just an invoice number”
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