Pest Control For Ants

Florida is home to 10 different types of ants, and all can be destructive. From the fire ant that builds mounds in your yard and can inflict a painful sting if disturbed to the carpenter ant that can easily eat its way through wood piles and wall voids, ants can pose real problems.

At Statewide Pest Control, we can help eliminate them all and keep them from coming back through regular inspection and maintenance. Call us today and ask about our free ant inspection.

With one call ants can be a thing of the past.

On our first visit, we can determine whether you’re being bugged by just a few or if you have a full infestation. Either way, we use eco-friendly formulations and methods to have the most impact on ants and the least impact on you, your family, your co-workers, and your pets.

We provide Ant Control around the clock.

If you’re battling ants, you already know that one treatment is rarely enough. Ants never stop reproducing and are evolutionarily wired to build their mound as quickly and as possible. In Florida, our gentle climate makes it very inviting for these pests to set up house in your home or office. But we can help, and get rid of these pests for good with a regular maintenance routine.

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Here at Statewide Pest Control Services, we employ some of the finest professionals in the business – professionals who not only have the industry expertise our customers demand, but also years of experience with the unique challenges of Florida’s ever-changing climate. Our clients enjoy the secure feeling they get from being serviced by these same technicians, that they have come to know and trust, over the years.
We understand that just like no two properties are the same, no two property owners are the same either. This is why we custom tailors our services for each client, providing you with the services you need to protect your home or business.

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