Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

As if you needed something else to worry about, bedbugs from the old bedtime rhyme are making a comeback. More of a nuisance than a health hazard, they’re showing up to suck blood from people in hotels, college dorms, and hospitals. These small, flat, wingless insects like to hide in bedding or mattresses. Because they hide in small crevices, they can hitch a ride from a place with a lot of foot traffic, like a hotel or apartment complex, into your home on luggage, pets, furniture, clothing, boxes, and other objects. They like to feed at night and are often most active before dawn, making people a ripe target for their ravenous hunger. But don’t worry, we can help you make them a distant memory.

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If it bugs you, it bugs us even more! Whether you have a small bedbug problem or a large infestation, we can help you solve it!

Bedbug pest control tips

Because bedbugs like to hitch a ride on your clothes after you’ve stayed somewhere away from home, we recommend you wash your clothes immediately upon returning. While the wash won’t necessarily kill them, the heat of the dryer will. If you have a piece of furniture that’s infested, remove it from the premises to help seal off their food source. Use a hair dryer to heat the affected area, but remember you might not see them all to do a self-treatment. DIY approaches rarely work to eradicate bed bugs entirely. Call us for a free inspection, and we’ll pinpoint the problem and take care of it. If we don’t find any bed bugs, the inspection is free of charge. Call us today.

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