Beetles thrive in mulch and moisture

One of the most destructive beetle in Florida is the Plaster Beetle. It is so named because they like to infest newly plastered walls, making new structures particularly vulnerable. They also like to feast on molds growing on walls and in wet stored grain. If you think you have Plaster Beetles, call us right away before they can wreak havoc on your structure.

Eco-Friendly Beetle Control

At Statewide Pest Control, we use eco-friendly control measures and treatments that are meant to have a minimum impact on anything other than the pest we’re treating for. If we do have to use an alternative for a more aggressive treatment, we’ll inform you exactly of what the recommended course of action is so you’ll feel comfortable within your own home or business.

We provide beetle control around the clock

If you’re battling plaster beetles, wood-boring beetles, or bark beetles, you already know that one treatment is rarely enough. In Florida, our gentle climate makes it very inviting for these pests to set up house in your home or office. But we can help, and get rid of these pests for good with a regular maintenance routine.

About Us

Here at Statewide Pest Control Services, we employ some of the finest professionals in the business – professionals who not only have the industry expertise our customers demand, but also years of experience with the unique challenges of Florida’s ever-changing climate. Our clients enjoy the secure feeling they get from being serviced by these same technicians, that they have come to know and trust, over the years.

We understand that, just like no two properties are the same, no two property owners are the same either. This is why we custom tailor our services for each client, providing you with the services you need to protect your home or business.

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