We make sure fleas flee!

Few things can make your pet more miserable than a flea infestation. Not only can fleas leave behind itchy spots where they bite, they can also transmit tapeworms. If your animal is allergic, fleas can cause dermatitis and hair loss. At Statewide Pest Control Services, we can eliminate fleas both on your pet and where they dwell and keep them from coming back with a proper service routine.

Flea treatment should be two-fold

The most effective one-two punch against fleas is to ask your veterinarian for an ingestible flea preventative that you can give your pet once a month. Many of these preventatives also protect your pets against heartworms. Then we can make sure the premises keep your pet comfortable and flea free by eliminating flea eggs, larvae and adult fleas in pet bedding and other areas your pet frequents. Call us today for a free inspection.



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