Proper Pest Control For Wasps

Wasps can be very beneficial in the landscape as they consume pests that attack agriculture and ornamental plants. But when they set up house too close to homes or commercial businesses, their instinct to aggressively protect their nests can become a huge risk. Here are the three most common wasp removal requests we receive:

Hornet nest removal

Hornets being building new nests in the spring, which are usually located in tree hollows or on dense shrubs. However, gaps in roofing and around the eaves can also beckon them. Because they can attack in very large numbers, you should call us to eradicate them immediately when spotted.

Paper wasp nest removal

Paper wasps are very aggressive, and like to set up residence in shrubbery or under the eaves of homes and office buildings. We can locate and destroy the nest before they dive bomb and sting you or anyone else they see as an intruder.

Yellowjacket nest removal

Yellowjacket colonies can become quite large, covering a radius many feet in diameter underground. We can help determine the size and depth of the nest, and then use sprays and powders to help eradicate them.

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