Bees and wasps can cause serious problems around structures, especially in the Florida spring and summer. Their sting usually involves an injection of venom that is a nerve poison, that can cause death in those who are allergic to them. Florida is home to many types of bees, and all have their own unique colonial habits and range in severity of threat. Whatever stinging issue you’re facing, we can help.

The Buzz about Bees

Bumble bees nest in underground and tend to attack when someone walks by or over a nest. Honey bees, on the other hand, may have colonies up to 80,000 individuals, but tend to be much more docile and can sting only once before dying. Here are some of the more common calls we receive about bees and wasps


Swarm Removal or Relocation

We can help locate where the honey bees are trying to set up residence and help remove them before their honey combs and activity provide damage to your structure. In some cases, bee keepers can safely relocate honey bee colonies.

Carpenter Bee Nest Removal

Carpenter bees use chewed up wood to make nests within that wood. Like termites, they can be very destructive if left to their own devices. Only the females can sting, but they can pack a punch. Their tunneling in wood, particularly over time can be very destructive.


Bumble Bee Colony Removal

Bumble bees are very social pests, and can create large colonies underground. Due to their sheer size, their sting can be very severe, so if you think you might have a colony near your home or office, call us right away.


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