Pest Control For Scorpions

First for the good news – Florida scorpions are not venomous. But they can inflict a painful sting. Florida has three main types of scorpions: the Florida bark scorpion; the Hentz striped scorpion; and the Guiana striped scorpion. Florida scorpions aren’t as aggressive as their western cousins, but they will protect themselves when disturbed. They prefer to live outside, under leaf litter, beneath stepping stones, under bark, or in vegetation. Most Floridians report getting stung while doing yard work. An infestation of scorpions not only sounds like something from Halloween, but it can be serious for those with allergies. We can help eliminate the threat.

Scorpions have a long life span.

Florida scorpions live from three to five years, and may be able to reproduce several times a year. Thus, an infestation can be severe and very long lasting. If you suspect a scorpion infestation, give us a call for a free inspection. We’ll treat the areas affected to neutralize their threat, and then with routine maintenance can keep them from coming back.

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