Ticks mean business.

It’s no secret that ticks can transmit Lyme disease and in Florida there are four species that can do just that – the black-legged Gulf coast tick, American dog tick, Lone Star tick, and relapsing fever tick. The good news is that ticks prefer the wilder areas of Florida and they are often picked up by hikers on Florida Trails. But here’s the catch, you can pick them up unknowingly in the woods or in your yard and bring them indoors easily. If you see ticks in your home or on your pet, call us today.

What can you do to keep ticks at bay?

Sprays containing DEET or Permethrin can be applied to clothing before a hike. Be sure to pull your socks over your pant legs and liberally spray your shoes, socks and pants below the leg. Stick to wider footpaths, boardwalks and paved trails. When you come home from a hike or from walking the dog, give yourself a good once over and if you spot a tick, remove and wash all your clothing immediately. Also give your pet the once over. Contact us for a free inspection to see if ticks are thriving in your environment.



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