Keep your lawn park-perfect.

Your Statewide Shrub and Lawn Service Program is a partnership between Statewide and you. Our part is the fertilization, weed control, insecticides and fungi control. Your part is the proper cutting and most important watering. Many irrigation systems develop dead zones which can lead to areas of too much or too little water, causing major problems.

Tips for a beautiful lawn.

Our bi-monthly Service Program keeps the lawn from being taken over and damaged through a pest infestation. At times a lawn will develop an infestation regardless of the treatment schedule due to a number of reasons, one of which is improper watering.

We provide fertilization to the lawn area during early and late spring and again in the fall to achieve the annual nitrogen and potassium soil requirements. Post emergence herbicides are used spring and fall for weed control and we constantly monitor the condition of the lawn. Better yet, the products we use are perfectly safe once dry as our yard signs posted after treatment advice.

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