We keep your shrubs healthy and green.

As part of our shrub services, we provide the fertilization, weed control, insecticides and fungi control necessary to keep your shrubbery looking its best. We can’t promise the complete elimination of shrub insects and disease because there are times when a shrub will develop an infestation regardless of the treatment schedule. This can happen for a number of reasons, one of which would be improper watering. Treatments for fungi, which can develop in “high moisture conditions” will be done as needed. If you feel that your shrubs have a fungi problem please call us immediately.

We Fertilize Four Times A Year.

Fertilizing your shrubs four times a year helps keep them healthy and vigorous. If you see areas that appear to be dying out or an abundance of shrub pests, rather than the normal occasional pest, call us. Remember, proper treatment combined with proper watering will control and maintain a healthy environment resulting in attractive, healthy Shrubs.

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