Florida is a welcome environment for spiders.

There are many different types of spiders in Florida and some are very beneficial. The wolf spider is one such example because it prefers to feed on palmetto bugs and wasps. Most spiders live outside either camouflaged on the ground, or in intricate webs that they weave to capture prey. The spiny orb weaver for instance, is a prolific web builder. That’s why part of our monthly maintenance includes removing poorly located spider webs. The spiders of the most concern are the poisonous ones; the Southern black widow and brown recluse are the most abundant. If you suspect you have a poisonous spider infestation, call us immediately so we can properly identify and eradicate these dangerous pests.

How do you know?

The first clue that a spider isn’t poisonous is if it’s hairy. Poisonous spiders tend to be smooth. If you can safely get close enough, it’s easy to spot the Southern Black Widow & Brown Recluse. Southern black widows are typically found in wooded areas, and spin webs three to 20 feet off the ground. They also like to dwell in and around old buildings, and can be easily identified by the red hour glass on their under abdomen. Brown recluses get their name from the fact they like to hide in sheds, garages, or areas of the home that are undisturbed. You can spot them from a distinct, violin-shaped mark located on the head and thorax. If you see either of these spiders, call us right away for a free inspection.

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