Termites are Florida’s most damaging urban pest.

Officially known as the eastern subterranean termite, these pests cost more than $1 billion annually in the Sunshine State. The biggest difficulty in controlling termites is due to their social nature of living in large colonies. Like ants, termites have workers, soldiers and alates, which are the winged reproductive ones. If you see them swarming, an infestation is evident. Call us immediately for a free termite inspection before they can cause real damage to your structure.

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For Over 30 Years

Current control methods for termites include the use of a chemical barrier to prevent them from entering homes and offices. Once their colony takes hold, however, more extreme measures like tenting might be needed. Also, don’t feel like you’re safe from termites in a block structure. They can eat right through the concrete block to get to the wooden parts of your home. Contact us for a free termite inspection, and we’ll create a custom plan of attack to rid you of these destructive pests.

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